Star Spins VIP

Star Spins VIP is a brand-new VIP system designed to reward loyal spinners with a range of exciting bonuses, on top of our current bonus system. Purchasing coins will award you with VIP points. As you earn more VIP points you can increase your tier. The higher your tier the better your daily bonus and timed bonuses are, and you'll also get improved coin offers!

Every Star Spins Slots player is eligible to become a VIP member. Current players will be automatically given their VIP points and sorted into the correct tier. New players will start in the Blue tier.

Depending on your tier, you'll be awarded multipliers based on our current bonus system meaning your bonus will increase along with your daily spin coins. This will give you longer playing times and a bigger coin balance.

Each Star Spins VIP tier requires a certain amount of VIP points to obtain. You can see how many VIP points you have on the Overview tab. Here you'll see your total and how many you need to gain the benefit of the next tier.


Alternatively, on the purchase screen you'll be able to see a special highlighted option. This option will guarantee an upgrade to the next tier upon a successful purchase.

No. You'll never be downgraded from a tier after achieving it. As long as you keep your account data safe you'll always receive the benefit of the tier you've earned.

No. Star Spins VIP points have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for real money or Star Spins Slots coins.

Phones and Tablets

We know that there's a great demand for mobile gaming right now, and a lot of our players have asked us this question!

For all the latest news, including new slots, promotions and fantastic competitions please check the Fan Page for official communications.


The Official Star Spins Fan Page found HERE is the best place to go to hear about all the latest Star Spins Slots news! Get information on promotions, competitions and new slot releases as soon as they're available. And remember, there's only one official page.

Other pages may be fan tribute pages, or may have been set up to impersonate Star Spins Slots and distribute scam links. To be safe, bookmark the page link above and save it for regular use.

THESE LINKS ARE SCAMS, and are not affiliated with Star Spins Slots in any way. Many of these scams are designed to get access to your Facebook wall, or to get players to download harmful programs to their computers. Links for free coins posted by players in Fan Page comments, even by people you know, will usually be scam links.

If you've followed the instructions provided by one of these links, and the link told you to install a Facebook app, or approve access to your wall, you should revoke the app's privileges immediately. You should be able to do this via the "My Apps" link, which is in "App Center". You can find this in the sidebar on the left of your Facebook feed.


If you've installed any program on your computer, you should uninstall it immediately and run a virus scan on your system. If you need any help to do this, please contact our Customer Support team and they will be happy to advise you.

Remember: only follow links from the official Fan Page.

Coins, Gifts and XP

"XP" is short for "experience points". As you play our slots, you'll earn experience points for each line on every reel you spin. When you've earned enough experience points, you'll "level up", e.g. move from Level 1 up to Level 2.

Levelling up gives you these benefits:

  • You can unlock new slots to play

  • You can bet more coins, which means you win more from each spin

  • Your daily spin bonuses and hourly bonuses increase

The higher your current level, the more experience points you need to collect to move to the next level after that. And the more you bet per spin, the faster you earn experience points.

Table Games

The main aim of any blackjack game is to try to beat the dealer by getting a total as close to, but not over the score of 21.

You will need to draw cards until your hand totals 21, or comes as close as possible without exceeding it.

If your first two cards total 21 – an Ace paired with a 10 or picture card – then you have won blackjack.

A player who stands chooses not to receive any additional cards. Any hand that exceeds 21 goes bust and will lose regardless of the dealer’s hand.

The dealer must draw on 16 and will always stand on 17. If the dealer’s hand totals the same as the player’s then the hand is a ‘push’, which will see the player’s bet returned to them.

Values of the Cards

An Ace may have a value of either 1 or 11, with the card adopting the value that is of most benefit to your hand.

The cards 2-9 are taken at face value.

The 10, Jack, Queen and King are all valued at 10.


The available payouts in Blackjack are shown in the table below.

Winning hand
Malfunctions voids all pays and plays.

Enjoy a game of good old classic european roulette (no 00’s) – it’s the world’s most popular casino game!

How to Bet

Select a chip from the chip tray at the bottom of the page and then place it in the relevant area of the table to place your bet. Each click will add one additional chip to your roulette bet.

Undo’ will remove the last bet you placed.

Clear’ to clear all of the bets currently placed on the table.

Rebet’ will repeat the last bets you placed on the roulette wheel.

Click ‘Spin’ to set the wheel spinning and start your game of Roulette, you can change the amount of spins in a row by increments of 5, up to 25, via the arrow above ‘Spin’

Clicking ‘Double’ will double all of your previous bets with a single click, providing you still remain under the table limit.

Table Layout

The table layout is the main betting area where you place your game chips. More information on the bets you can place can be found in the game.

Malfunction voids all pays and play.

Jacks or Better is a version of video poker.